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Xiamen Huanxin machine Co., Ltd is a supplier of industrial machine knives and accessories based in China.   Our products are applicable to such industries and machines as Metallurgical industry,...

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The Material Selection of Round blade

Round blade: Material selection is a critical decision with any knife. All materials have slightly different characteristics that we take into account when suggesting a material to our customers....

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What's The Best Saw Blade?

Saw blades spin at over 3,500 rotations per minute and endure significant stress while cutting wood, the steel must be high quality and very tough. Many people believe these blades are made of L6, a c...

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The Purpose of Slitting Blades

Slitting Blades are very sophisticated tools, designed to work at any time to reduce operation and high performance cut downtime, select from the Performance Series Pneumatic knife or new non-pneumati...

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The Hardened And Tempered Tool Steel Rotary Cutter Blades

The circular metal disc blades with a radius edge can safe time and money in the tube and pipe converting industries. The hardened and tempered tool steel rotary cutter blades should be manufactured t...

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Choose Best Paper Shredders

Knives are primarily the technical aspect with focus on functionality and mechanical properties as toughness and wear resistance. There is a vast number of steels on the marked, and those considered t...

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Get Paper Cutting Knives

Papermaking machinery, like any other type of machine, the most suitable when all of the key components are to maintain optimal performance. Holding sharp blade is the most important factor. When your...

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How To Sharpen Paper Shredders Blades?

The main task of a Plastic Shredder Blades is to tear a sheet of paper in to tiny bits, it becomes unreadable. Thus machines include cutting and tearing tasks. These tasks naturally also need a weapon...

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Choose What To Cut Fabric?

Many people are asking whether it is best to use traditional dress fabric scissors or currently popular OLFA brand sales of new rotating blades. Well, my answer to this question is very simple. What k...

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