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CNC Turret Punch Toolings

  • Item Code: HXT002
  • Port: Xiamen
  • Payment: TT
  • Color: Customized
  • Lead Time: 15 Days after payment
  • Brand: Huanxin

Product Details

CNC Turret Punch Toolings

Huanxin Machine Company supply CNC bending tools, CNC turret punching tools, CNC Turrent Punching dies for AMADA, TRUMP, Finn - Power, EUROMAC, VULVAN, LVD-STRIPPIT, SALVAGNINI, Durmazlar, MURATE, LFK, TAILIFT, JFY, Yawei, Yangli etc.

CNC turret punch press tooling, also known as CNC punch die are usually made of upper die and lower die, die holder.Further subdivided into eight pieces:

The basic component of CNC turret punch die

1.The upper die 2.Return plate material 3.Lower die 4.The spring 5.The cutter location 6.Upper die base 7.Lower die base 8.Die holder.

General thick turret punch die can be processed by aperture size.Usually divided into A, B, C, D, E five gears.

A (1/2") station: Ø1.6~Ø12.7mm processing range

B (1-1/2") station: Ø12.7~Ø31.7mm processing range

C (2") station: Ø31.7~Ø50.8mm processing range

D (3-1/2") station: Ø50.8~Ø88.9mm processing range

E (4-1/2") station: Ø88.9~Ø114.3mm processing range 


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