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Dashed blades for tissue paper

  • Item Code: K-787
  • Port: Xiamen
  • Payment: TT,Wertern Union,L/C ETC
  • Color: Customized
  • Lead Time: 15 Days after payment
  • Brand: Huanxin

Product Details

Dashed Blade for tissue paper

perforation blades manufactured from the finest grade

tool steels through carefully heat treatment. The

perforation blades are even produced with precision 

ground, precision engineered for dimensional stability

and precision tolerance, to ensure best performance

from a material of customer's choice.There are strip blade,circular blade,and the folding machine blade,

cutting closure blade which are used for drilling and 

dashed shearing operations.Material for election:9CrSi,Cr12MoV,W6Mo5Cr4V,etc.

1.High-speed paper making wrinking blade:used for toliet paper prodution,applicable to speed 500-2200m/min.

2.Low-speed paper making wrinkling blade:for 60-180m/min domestic paper machine.According to the characteristics of slow-speed of domestic motorcycles,high wear-resistance,scraper cylinder without injury,our company had successfully developed it has been lanched into by several years of research.

3.Hard-wearing wrinkle-blade:for domestic,import

medium-speed papermaking machine,the speed limit 

of 180-450m/min.

4.Reel toilet paper imports cut off the park saw a long life,long sawing Winder drilling for a long knife,flying blade.

5.Kleenex,napkin,handkerchief paper cutter adopt more reasonable use of the material pair,has high wear resistance,smooth edges,no Flash,and other advantages.

6.Domestic Winder repair edge knife,punching the knife

(the company was replaced by the long bar),flying blade,

for the knife,cut off Daidao Web(using the new material without blackening phenomenon),non-woven fabrics cloth cutter,toilet paper independent packaging.

7.The company newly launched the single,

double-sided knife hard alloy inserts laps,matching the import of high-speed rewinder Slitter for toilet paper,

paper-cutting culture,with high-steel knife in the yen,

high wear resistance,long coping cycle is national 

initiative.In accordance with the different characteristics 

of reel toilet paper log saw which domestic companies 

in recent years,we each developed the knife cut off the park,has a high wear resistance and isrust-proof,re-equipped with the Company's self - developed Wheel,

can achieve higher accuracy,thus cutting out the paper rolls without edge,saw cut,no blackening phenomenon,Has a reasonable proportion of the wear-resistance,the blade used CNC machine tools to open gear,flying blade tolerance of parallelism is witnin0.01mm,to ensure the accuracy  and regularity of holes.


       High performance Perforation blades for tissue       paper

        Material: 9 CrSi/D2 / H12 / H13 / SLD / HSS / Tungsten         carbide

       Finishing: Customized (TiN TiC,TiCN TiAN CrN.etc) 
       Hardness: HRC40-68 
       Thickness tolerance: ±0.002
       Sharpness: 18N~30N 
       Product Definition: Round knife 
       Application: Foil/Film/Paper/Plastics Cutting Machine 
       OEM/ODM: Acceptable   

      Customize Various Blades As Your Request.


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