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Metallurgy shear blades cutting thick steel plate steel ingot

Metallurgy machine blade hot shear blade cutting thick steel plate steel ingot

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Round Industrial Cutting Circular Slitting Blades

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Industrial knives paper cutting knife crushing blades

Industrial knives paper cutting knife crushing blades

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Top Quality Carbon Steel Paper Cutting Knives

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How to improve the machining efficiency and prolong tool life

Reasonable cutting blade selection and optimization of processing methods, to improve the machining efficiency and prolong the tool life is very important, especially in aerospace components processing difficult-to-machine materials is more important. A cutting blade of high quality refractory materials, must possess the ultrafine grain tool substrate, sharp cutting Angle, strong cutting edge, heat-resistant surface coatings, etc.

First of all, fully cooling, the appropriate processing and linear velocity, effective chip breaker, reasonable tool Angle to control point temperature is very effective. For both internal cooling of CNC machine tools and cutting tools, should try to use the most conducive to the cooling cooling function, so that a strong high-pressure water take away a lot of heat cutting, keeping the processing area in a certain temperature range. Even without the cooling machine equipment, also recommends using gaiden cooling inside the handle, enhance cooling pressure at the same time, improve the cooling effect.

Second, appropriately control the cutter cutting force and cutting speed, and lower the temperature in the processing area, one of the most effective way to prolong the tool life. Usually difficult to machining materials generally adopt fine grinding of cutting tool edge, small cutting depth and cutting width. According to the different difficult processing materials, parts structure and other factors, such as processing equipment, choosing reasonable cutting speed is very important. Nickel base alloy in the normally processing should be controlled in 20 to 50 m/min, the titanium alloy should be controlled in 30 ~ 110 m/min, PH stainless steel should be controlled in 50 ~ 120 m/min.

Third, for the same machine tools and parts, the processing method of difficult-to-machine materials will greatly affect the efficiency of the cutting tool and tool life. Whether the cycloid and large feed milling processing, helical interpolation way, its purpose is to reduce the cutting force, reduce the temperature of cutting zone. Cycloid cut method can maximum limit reduce the cutting zone, makes the tool cutting Angle of the actual minimum, prolonging tool each tooth of the cooling time. Helical interpolation has relatively uniform per tooth cutting and especially in the corner is the most obvious; Large feed cutting way to small cutting depth, large feed effectively reduce the cutting force, make the smallest cutting heat generated in the processing of, lowest temperature processing area.

Fourth, to guarantee the processing chip interrupt, is also an effective way to control temperature rise. Generally a large number of cutting heat generated in the metal processing on the chip, chip breaker effectively can make a large amount of cutting heat is generated in machining chip away. Normally, we don't want there to be long in the processing chip. For difficult machining materials more should pay attention to, especially for rough machining process, in the whole machining system permits rigidity, should try to make it in the whole process of chip breaker, as far as possible using conventional milling, the formation of iron filings by the thick and thin, and iron filings for "9" glyph shape, "6" or "C" font glyph.

Fifth, keep the appropriate and effective tool in processing Angle, makes the tool of every effective machining tooth can maximum limit to ensure maximum cooling time. Processing of proper and reasonable effective Angle cutter, very beneficial to improve the cutting efficiency of difficult-to-machine materials, prolong the life of cutting tool processing, parts for processing difficult-to-machine materials is very important. Effective Angle cutter, reflect on the cutting parameters and cutting depth and cutting width Ap diameter Dc has a direct relationship between Ae and tools. Especially when processing difficult-to-machine materials, should try to avoid full knife cutting. In actual processing, the cutting tool cutting Angle of every times, increase the tool life will reduce about 30%.

Parts in a word, difficult-to-machine materials must have high hardness, high strength, high toughness and high wear resistance, for new difficult-to-machine materials with these properties, the machining performance is poor, the processing is difficult, low machining efficiency and high cost of the cutting tool. So hard processing material parts in machining cutter is put forward higher requirements.

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