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HSS Slitter Rewinder bottom blade or multi groove blade for paper rewinder slitting

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Product Details

HSS Slitter Rewinder bottom blade or multi groove blade for paper rewinder slitting:
HSS Slitter Rewinder bottom blade:

The cutting series blade is mostly used for longitudinal cutting paper, adhesive tape, magnetic tape, film, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy foil and so on.

These top grade foil materials require for high precision,no burr and no impression, so it is much hard to cut. Aiming at this difficult problem of high precision, smallest cutting resistance,high wear resistance and long-term sharpness, our company introduced the most advanced international CNC grinding machines and invited blade experts.

Through long-term research, we have developed new product substituting the imported high-precision micron longitudinal cutting blade. Apply high-tech technology; carry out ceramic compounding and surface carbon tungsten plating; then the blade will not be easy to wear out and not adhibit powder, greatly reducing friction during cutting.

Resolving this problem, cutting precision and speed is greatly improved; service life of blade is prolonged. The development of this blade successfully saves cost for user.

Standard Size as you like:

HSS Slitter Rewinder bottom blade are available in different sizes and shapes, for example circular knives and straight knives are both available here.


As shown in Figure:


Hot sold Slitter rewinder blades:

Rewinding blade is used for the Slitter Rewinder to cut scroll and make the scroll Removal raw paper burr and get the originally established width also control of the finished paper roll diameter making it accord with the factory specifications. Through these years manufacturing and improvement, our rewinding blade can reduce more paper dander for our rewinder customers.

Standard Size as you like:

As shown in Figure:

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 If you’re in need of a custom solution, our experienced and talented team of sales engineers can develop the perfect blade for your application. We consult with you to determine the cutting characteristics of the material and carefully balance the metallurgical composition, hardness, and blade geometry to fit your unique need. Through this process we are able to provide you with a long-lasting blade that ensures outstanding edge quality.

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